Month: January 2021

Bonus Minisode – Cult Town

Enjoy a special bonus episode where we talk about some of the feedback that we’ve received from our beloved listeners! Thanks for all your feedback so far, and please keep listening and sharing your stories and experiences with us!

Episode 4 – Hashtag Not a Bookworm ft. Stevedroids

Adventures in Odyssey Album 1 Episode 6 – Promises, Promises

Today’s special guest is Stevedroids from Androids and Assets, our sister podcast. We chat about what a “promise” really is (spoiler alert: the episode missed the mark), and the difference between setting intentions in your life and just praying harder. Steven shares some fun facts with us about, well, lots of stuff!

Episode 3 – Connie Comes Around

Adventures In Odyssey Album 1 Episode 3 – Connie Comes to Town

In today’s episode, we discuss Connie Kendall as she is introduced to Whit’s End and the community within Odyssey.