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24 – Connie with Codi Part 1

Adventures In Odyssey Album 3 Episode 9 – Connie Part 1

To end off album 3 we have a special 2-part episode where special guest Codi joins us to discuss the most important origin story of the series, Connie’s! We talk about the similarities between anger and fear, spiritual bypassing, and so many more things!

Stay alert for part 2 coming in 2 weeks!

23 – Thank You, Pod!

Adventures In Odyssey Album 3 Episode 7 – Thank You, God.

We are so excited to start the new year with special guest Shannon, discussing Whit’s origin story. We talk about the many women sacrificed on his road to success and the severely misleading narratives within “white people thanksgiving practices”.

22 – Pardon Me but It’s a Mindf**k

Adventures In Odyssey Album 3 Episode 5 – Heroes

On today’s episode, we are joined by Lois, a Counselor, Somatic Experience Practitioner, and our Aunt! We talk hero worship, interoception, and individual thoughts/experiences. So tell us, is your hero Jesus or are you normal?

21 – #YesHomo

Adventures In Odyssey Album 3 Episode 4 – The Shepherd and the Giant

In today’s episode, we are joined by special guest Leah (who some of you will remember from a previous Patreon episode) as we explore the friendship and romantic relationship of David and Jonathan from the Bible.


David and Jonathan’s bisexual relationship

Tiktok Video

20 – A Foucauldian in Vaudevillians Clothing

Adventures In Odyssey Album 3 Episode 8 – Karen

There’s been a takeover on today’s episode! Stephen, Mitch, and Elena tackle the complex issue that is cancer and childhood death, within the very flat narrative world of Adventures in Odyssey.

Don’t worry, Candace and Charis will be back for the next episode!

19 – Back to Cruel

Adventures In Odyssey Album 3 Episode 3 – Back to School

Today, with special guest Courtney, we discuss long term and short term friendships, and the ridiculousness of men writing female characters. When will Odyssey get a female writer?!

18 – Testosterone is a Poison

Adventures In Odyssey Album 3 Episode 1 – Mike Makes Right

Candace, Charis, and this week’s guest Mosa (@mosagirl_ig) talk through yet another episode of Adventures in Odyssey that includes only male characters and storyline. Don’t worry, women don’t really matter!

Did you ever experience bullying growing up? Well if you didn’t, I can promise you that this episode will not give you an accurate picture of what it’s like. But I can also promise you that you will laugh. A lot!

17 – All the Single Votes

Adventures In Odyssey Album 3 Episode 5 – A Single Vote

There is a Federal election happening in Canada right now, so it’s the perfect time to talk about voting! Charis and Candace team up with Androids and Assets Co-Host Marshall to talk about how every vote matters, and also doesn’t.


The Importance of a Single Vote

Patreon Unlocked: Swipe Right on You

A sneak peek into the Patreon content. Candace and Stephen check out local Christian singles in our area and take a quiz to find out all the ways their relationship is failing. Hear a dark spiritual secret that will push Candace and Stephen to the breaking point.

If you want to listen to more exclusive content, subscribe to our Patreon!

16 – Focus on the Fathers

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episode 12 – The Last Great Adventure of Summer

Welcome to our Season (Album) 2 finale! We have Mitch on with us again to discuss the crazy adventures of a son and his father, who is undercover in the CIA. We also make reference to our latest Patreon episode.

We’ll be taking a break for a month as we prep for the 3rd Album and get some brand new guests to talk about even more crazy and subtly toxic episodes! If you miss hearing us every other week, join our Patreon!

15 – The Jonah Show

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episode 11 – Return to the Bible Room

We are so excited to introduce our special guest Linda! She joins us to talk about Jonah, baptisms and gender politics. Charis talks about her adult baptism party and Candace shares how she tricked god. ACAB forever! Check out Linda and all her amazingness here:

14 – Inspect the Uninspected

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episodes 9&10 – The Case of the Secret Room

We are so excited that our special guest, Jeff, joined us today to talk about this episode. He is brand new to the world of Adventures in Odyssey and has a completely different experience with evangelicalism and Christianity. Today’s episode is a 40-year-old cold case solved by an old man (Mr. Whittaker) and a young girl – the most unexpected team around.

Episode 13 – Confessions of a Christian Camp Counsellor

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episodes 7&8 – Camp What-a-Nut

We have invited former Christian Camp Counsellor Mitch onto the pod to discuss summer camp romances, outrageous expectations from Christian organizations, and more!

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault is mentioned in the episode. There is a brief warning immediately before it is discussed.

Articles Discussed in the Episode:

Episode 12 – The Left-Handed Judge and Other Children’s Stories

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episode 5 – VBS Blues

We are so excited to welcome our special guest Elena onto the podcast. The three of us discuss our previous Vacation Bible School (VBS) experiences, dramas/drymes, and favorite Old Testament Bible Stories.

Notable Moments:

Swingers for Jesus:

Lifehouse “Everything” Drama/Mime (Drime):

Episode 11 – Pouch Full of Heresy

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episode 4 – Stormy Weather

On this week’s episode, we explore the odd relationship between Connie and the all-knowing, advice-giving Whit.

Episode 10 – Independence Came So Hard

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episode 3 – The Day Independence Came

Is that a sex joke? You’ll have to listen to find out!

We’ve brought back one of our favorite guests, Stephen, from Androids and Assets! He shares a wealth of knowledge about early American History and some of the key characters in its declaration toward independence.

Episode 9 – We Will Forsake Technology and Return to the Land

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episodes 1 & 2 – Family Vacation

For today’s episode, we are happy to welcome our brother Jon back to the show! The three of us reminisce about our own family vacations growing up.

Episode 8 – Whit’s Web

Adventures In Odyssey Album 1 Episode 8 – The Tangled Web

In today’s episode, we talk about white lies and consequences, and reminisce about our younger, trouble-making days.

Episode 7 – Lynnterview

Our mom is back to answer all the questions that you guys submitted! We discuss our journeys within evangelicalism, parenting, and current belief systems, as well as cover some “controversial” topics such as abortion and homosexuality.

Episode 6 – Cherished Memories

Adventures In Odyssey Album 1 Episode 11 – Recollections

In today’s episode, we discuss the origin story of Whit’s end, complete with tragedy and last minute saviorism.

We are so excited to have Stephen back as our special guest! Be sure to check out his podcast, Androids and Assets. You can find them on social media (twitter & instagram) and listen to their podcast just about anywhere (especially apple podcasts and google podcasts)!

Episode 5 – Bringin’ Up Monty

Adventures In Odyssey Album 1 Episodes 9&10 – A Member of the Family Part 1 & 2

Please welcome our special guest, Lynn (our mom)! In today’s episode, we discuss family relationships, parenting styles, and spanking your child. Candace shares some of her experiences being a mother, and we talk a bit about our childhood too.

Bonus Minisode – Cult Town

Enjoy a special bonus episode where we talk about some of the feedback that we’ve received from our beloved listeners! Thanks for all your feedback so far, and please keep listening and sharing your stories and experiences with us!

Episode 4 – Hashtag Not a Bookworm ft. Stevedroids

Adventures in Odyssey Album 1 Episode 6 – Promises, Promises

Today’s special guest is Stevedroids from Androids and Assets, our sister podcast. We chat about what a “promise” really is (spoiler alert: the episode missed the mark), and the difference between setting intentions in your life and just praying harder. Steven shares some fun facts with us about, well, lots of stuff!

Episode 3 – Connie Comes Around

Adventures In Odyssey Album 1 Episode 3 – Connie Comes to Town

In today’s episode, we discuss Connie Kendall as she is introduced to Whit’s End and the community within Odyssey.

Episode 2 – Dismay After Christmas

Adventures In Odyssey Album 1 Episode 5 – The Day After Christmas

For today’s episode, we are happy to introduce our special guest, Jon! He flew in all the way from the west coast to record this episode with us.

Episode 1 – Whit’s Success

Adventures in Odyssey Album 1 Episode 1 – Whit’s Flop

In today’s episode, we discuss and explore the ideologies behind the very first episode of Adventures in Odyssey, Whit’s Flop.