Month: July 2021

16 – Focus on the Fathers

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episode 12 – The Last Great Adventure of Summer

Welcome to our Season (Album) 2 finale! We have Mitch on with us again to discuss the crazy adventures of a son and his father, who is undercover in the CIA. We also make reference to our latest Patreon episode.

We’ll be taking a break for a month as we prep for the 3rd Album and get some brand new guests to talk about even more crazy and subtly toxic episodes! If you miss hearing us every other week, join our Patreon!

15 – The Jonah Show

Adventures In Odyssey Album 2 Episode 11 – Return to the Bible Room

We are so excited to introduce our special guest Linda! She joins us to talk about Jonah, baptisms and gender politics. Charis talks about her adult baptism party and Candace shares how she tricked god. ACAB forever! Check out Linda and all her amazingness here: