Episode 1 – Whit’s Success

Adventures in Odyssey Album 1 Episode 1 – Whit’s Flop

In today’s episode, we discuss and explore the ideologies behind the very first episode of Adventures in Odyssey, Whit’s Flop.

3 comments on “Episode 1 – Whit’s Success

  1. Carey-Lyn Holt says:

    Awesome job! Can’t wait for your next episode!!

  2. Amy says:

    Good episode! It made me think in different ways and helped me understand my past just a little more. I actually listened to the episode once, then listened to Whit’s Flop, and then listened to your episode again.

    I’ll add one more thing that made me cringe that wasn’t mentioned (or at least I missed it). This entire episode is about one’s worth, and one’s worth being valuable to the eyes and benefit of others. Whit’s invention is about taking something that is a “failure” and fixing/reframing/repurposing it to being useful. What this actually teaches children is that God has a “use” for them to be used, and their worth is what comes from that. Just like the photocopy machine gets fixed or repurposed to become an oven for others to benefit from, Davie gets fixed or repurposed from a poor baseball player to become a good repair man. In it, he is seen as useful to society.

    This is what the church teaches, but even from a Christian perspective isn’t what Jesus teaches. And as someone who based her entire worth on what she did and how good she did it and how she looked for decades, I find this message extraordinarily toxic. I’ve recently had to reframe my entire perspective on having inherent worth from birth, rather than what I do.

    I could then go on about original sin, and how Davie could be seen as redeemed because he is now a quality repair man instead of being a clumsy baseball player, but yeah. Davie doesn’t get taught that he has worth on his own; he’s taught by Whit to change himself to be what others want to be valuable again, even if he’s using his inherent skills to get there.

    It’s grossly unhealthy and a horrible start to a series that until recently I thought was mostly benign. Anyways, *endrant*

    1. admin says:

      You nailed it! I am honestly blown away by the insight you’ve shared in this post! I love that you listened to it twice. That is dedication! We definitely didn’t bring that up on our episode so I love that you caught it in your own listen through. Thank you for taking the time to share that with us. We would love to read this comment on our next episode and give you a shout out (just your first name, no personal info or anything) – are you comfortable with that?

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